Island Batik – Where Tradition Meets Creativity!

Island Batik brings the timeless art of Batik to life in the heart of Bali! As creators of exceptional Batik fabrics, we take pride in weaving together the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia with contemporary craftsmanship.
Sun drying process

 At Island Batik, we deeply appreciate the roots of our Batik. Our skilled artisans meticulously employ the traditional Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique, using copper stamps called tjaps dipped in hot wax to handcraft exquisite designs.

 Our artisans, the backbone of Island Batik, carefully plan and execute the sequence of waxing and dyeing stages to achieve stunning multi-color designs. This ensures that each dye bath yields the desired hues, creating beautiful fabric for the quilting industry without compromising the overall design.

Beginning with basic, uncolored fabric known as “greige goods,” artists employ various pre-treatment methods such as hand-painting, salt treatment, or urea application to enhance the complexity of the final Batik pattern. After each dyeing phase a meticulous drying process guarantees optimal color absorption and vibrancy, transforming each piece into a beautifully saturated, bold work of art. While the Batik-making process is labor-intensive, spanning approximately 2-3 days for complex designs, our skilled artisans pour their dedication and expertise into each creation.
Stamping process
From selecting motifs with care to the precise application of wax and dye, every step in the Batik-making process at Island Batik reflects our deep appreciation for craftsmanship and artistry. Each piece of Batik fabric we produce shares the cultural tapestry of Indonesia and celebrates the legacy of this age-old art form.